Do you know where your money goes? We can help! ASK Me Ledgers will examine your income and expenses and show you what your cash flow is now and what it could be.

Are you addicted to Starbucks? Do you shop for new clothes every few months? Do you eat out multiple times each week? Are you saving for your family’s college or retirement fund? Did you buy a bit  more car than you should have? ASK shows where you spend your money, and how you can be a more sensible business person.

Do you know when it makes sense to buy office supplies but not a new PC? Do you wonder whether you are getting the most value from your cable subscription or cell phone plan? Can you deduct the cost of your medical expenses? ASK helps weigh the benefits of what you buy.

Do you know how to categorize your income and expenditures? Do you throw all your receipts into a box and hope for the best at tax time? Do you wonder if certain purchases are actually deductible? ASK makes you more financially organized.

Are you ever late paying your utility bill or credit card account? Do you have recurring costs from your business? Are your vendors charging higher fees because your payments aren’t on time? ASK helps pay bills on time.

Are you surprised by your loan statements? Does paperwork pile up on your desk so you forget  to make payments? ASK alerts you to outstanding debts and pays them for you.

Can you tell what your checking account balances are? Do you need to transfer money from one account to another to keep your balances positive? Do you “float” funds to pay your bills? ASK reconciles all your bank accounts, comparing what the bank shows vs. what you show.

Do you know what you owe your credit card companies? Can you categorize your credit card spending so you can deduct expenses at the end of the year? ASK reconciles credit card summaries vs. your actual spending categories to make deducting expenses easier.