ASK Me Ledgers specializes in helping our clients realize their financial goals, reduce stress and money worries and put their energies instead into what they like to do best: grow their businesses! Here are several success stories that illustrate how easy it is to work with a bookkeeping service like ours!

Jordan doesn’t dread the new year.

Jordan, a very successful real estate salesperson, dreaded the beginning of each year. After all, that was the time he would put all his papers in some sort of order so  that his C.P.A. could complete his tax forms for filing.

When he finally arrived at the C.P.A.’s office for his consultation, his answers to very standard questions were incomplete or insufficient and he had to re-do his work. Trying to do things himself cost him actual dollars for his C.P.A.’s time and indirect dollars by neglecting his real estate sales.

About five years ago, Jordan came to ASK Me LEDGERS to help him with his paper work. We took all his paper work (bank statements, credit card statements, etc.) organized them using GAAP accounting practices, and returned his documents.

Each month, Jordan received reports showing how much he made, how much he spent, how much he owed on his credit cards, and how much cash he had in his bank accounts.

Jordan no longer dreads the beginning of each year. He knows that he will only have to sit with his accountant for a minimal amount of time and that ASK Me LEDGERS will answer most of the questions. The less Jordan has to worry about his books and bookkeeping, the happier Jordan is

• • •

Allen and Laura reclaim their weekends.

Allen and Laura, a married couple with small children and individual careers, inherited an apartment building. Laura, who had been writing the checks for the family, thought that she could also write the checks for the building and Allen could take care of the repairs since he took care of most of the repairs around the house. They soon discovered that, if they wanted to spend time with their children and reclaim their weekends, they would have to find other means to accomplish the responsibilities of the apartment house.

Allen soon discovered that repairs on an apartment building were quite a bit more numerous and complex than what he was acquainted with and soon learned that it was not only cost-effective but time-effective to hire competent help to maintain the building. In the same manner, Laura also discovered that doing the books for an apartment house is more complex and time consuming than writing checks for the household.

When Allen and Laura came to ASK Me LEDGERS, they were both so overwhelmed by the time pressures, they were grateful that someone could take, at least, the bookkeeping chores off their hands. As ASK Me LEDGERS began to do the books for the apartment building, Laura had to finally admit she didn’t have enough knowledge to keep the books properly. Soon thereafter, Allen and Laura requested that ASK Me LEDGERS also do their personal bookkeeping. Allen and Laura finally reclaimed weekends as family time.

• • •

Michelle earns more by doing what she does best.

Michelle, the owner of a baby shop, had a major problem: not enough customers. One of the methods Michelle wanted to employ was networking. Michelle wanted to participate in the local Chamber of Commerce to meet more people and thereby develop her business.

Michelle had a one problem: the chamber met on the same morning that Michelle had been doing her books for the last two years. Every Tuesday was check writing day. One would think that she could write checks say on Wednesday, but there were other projects and obligations on those days, too. She was in a real time bind.

The solution for Michelle was to hire ASK Me LEDGERS. By doing so she freed up valuable time to become active in the chamber; met prominent people in the community; and her sales increased. Michelle increased her sales so much that she more than paid for ASK Me LEDGERS and, furthermore, had a good time at the chamber meetings.