Any successful business owner knows Priority #1 is simple: Make More Sales.

Making More Sales.

Whether the business owner generates all the revenue themselves, or manages a team, growing sales is a full time job in itself, with many tasks. What must be done?


• Networking

• Lead development

• Cultivate referrals

• Reactivate Lapsed Customers


Add to that:

• Making sure their products and services have outstanding quality

• Managing their staff

• Leading the company to provide superb customer service

• Advancing their own education to stay up-to-date

No wonder so many business owners plead for more hours in the day.


After reading these two lists, it’s obvious what sales tasks get short shrift. All the administrative tasks required for revenues and profits:

• Billing

• Bill-paying

• Financial record-keeping for the business

There has to be a practical solution, and there is.

After all, being in business was supposed to yield more freedom, more satisfaction, and even more money in your pocket.

• • •

With a professional bookkeeping service, the backlog of paperwork will get handled, and handled in a professional manner, while you gain real time for other critical tasks, including sleep. Your billing, your bill-paying and your tax obligations will be met on time, and your financial picture will actually become clear.

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— Arleen Kennedy