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Arleen S. Kennedy has been engaged by our company as Bookkeeper and has also been employed by us personally in the same capacity.  Her duties encompassed a wide range of responsibilities ranging from paying bills, reconciling bank accounts, and organizing all information for tax purposed.  She has been outstanding in her professional work and a pleasure to work with.

She is exceptionally responsible, reliable, and committed and her work has always been completely satisfactory.  She has given us great peace of mind and the knowledge that our interest are well looked after.  We give her the highest recommendation.

Michael Phillips and Juliana Maio
Lighthouse Productions

• • •

It has now been just over a year since we started working together and I had to 
take a moment to express my deep and sincere gratitude!

As you may recall, my “bookkeeping” (if you can even call it that) was in 
disarray. I found the subject of bookkeeping to be overwhelming, complicated 
and frustrating. Since you started working with me, I now have clear reports, 
everything is organized and most importantly everything is accurate. Your 
attention to detail and your commitment to my “numbers” are very impressive.

On a personal level, I must share that you have eased my stress in 
immeasurable ways. I am filled with gratitude knowing that my finances are in 
perfect order and for the first time in 14 years, I actually had the money in my 
checking account to pay my taxes without going into my credit line to pay 

This is truly extraordinary and I can’t thank you enough for keeping me 
to a budget and supporting the success of my business. You are an angel.

Thank you again for all that you do, you are amazing.

MichelIe Maher Ford
Allstate Insurance
Agency Principal, EA

• • •

I wanted to express my appreciation for all the truly fantastic work you have done in organizing my finances. Your diligent and accurate compilations of all my monetary information has relieved me of a great deal of stress. It is very comforting to know that you always have it handled for it allows me to focus on creating new business, which has increased dramatically each year. I so appreciate your warm and positive attitude as well for it makes the drudgery of following income and expenses so much more enjoyable.

William Durfee
Gibson International

• • •

For the past ten years Arleen Kennedy has worked with my mother, doing her personal bookkeeping as well as the bookkeeping for her real estate holdings.  She also prepares and compiles my mother’s tax materials, including her Profit & Loss reports, thereby saving her money in extra accountant’s fees.  Arleen is dependable, honest and trustworthy.  She has advised my mother and me on many occasions on matters outside of her bookkeeping role (such as dealing with the Social Security Administration), and she has been a valuable resource.

Andrea Lurie

• • •

It is a pleasure to recommend Arleen Kennedy of ASK Me Ledgers, as a highly skilled and efficient bookkeeper.  I have known Arleen for approximately six years and worked with her on the management of a multi-tenant commercial/industrial facility, as well as in my own company.  She is very well versed in Quickbooks and taught me a tremendous amount about the program. Arleen is reliable, accurate, honest and fun to work with.  Isn’t that what one wants in a bookkeeper?

Thomas L . Walsmith, President
Commercial Property Group

• • •

Thank you so much for freeing up my day, easing my mind and managing my money. It’s so nice to be able to delegate a crucial aspect of my business management to someone who is so competent and reliable. You’re the best.

Suzan Starler, D.C.

• • •

As a car dealer in Los Angeles, we have very specific needs. Arleen Kennedy and ASK Me Ledgers is the most comprehensive bookkeeping service we have ever used. Her ability to efficiently interact with my staff and CPA has yielded huge savings and great peace of mind. She does more work in 75% of the time. I have also noticed a drop in my CPA’s billable hours.

I would whole-heartedly recommend ASK Me Ledgers to anyone that wants to improve their bottom line and easier access to their information.

David Kwak

• • •

Arleen is fabulous! She can take what’s old and make it better than new. She makes everything more efficient! I finally feel like my business is being taken care of! And she is quite speedy. Thanks Arleen!

Melfer’s Macaroons